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Any runner will tell you it takes a different set of muscles and skills
to sprint verses endure a marathon.

Likewise, it takes a different set of skills to start up a business
verses making it into a sustainable and successful entity long-term.


We can map out all your processes from marketing through manufacturing, finance through task management, or we can focus on a particular department you’d think can improve.

We offer
  • Full analysis of your current work process
  • Identify gaps in performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Define key metrics for future analysis
  • We can hand this final analysis over to you once complete, or we can stay on and help your company build systems and transition them into your organization.


At any stage, we can craft an effective marketing strategy for your goals:

  • High Closure Rate, Low Leads = Brand Awareness
  • Low Closure Rate, High Leads = Sales Funnel Improvements
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service working together effectively without
  • Metrics to identify opportunities for improvement quickly


After a thorough analysis, we craft efficiency improvements and work with your internal communications, IT, HR and other key departments to ensure that new processes are implemented and embraced for full effectiveness.

We offer
  • New work process mapping
  • Full training & accountability on new systems
  • Optional: Digital Dashboards to monitor progress
  • Optional: Digital Tools to modernize processes



Innovating in a small elite group as a start-up allows for brilliance to emerge from chaos. Once you’ve expanded to create an R&D department, it could easily fall off course if not tied into your vision and market research. We keep everyone on track with:

  • Well-articulated goals and purpose
  • Scheduled check-ins and assessments
  • Accurate and relevant metrics


Not only is there room for improvement in defining routine tasks and making them, well, more routine. As your company expands there is also a concern of your culture disintegrating. Our tools can help:

  • Define integral components of culture that influence hiring decisions
  • Establish a well-defined on-boarding process
  • Have culture “check-in’s” and periodic Town Halls

Efficient Entrepreneur Consulting will help you transition your business from Start-up to Enterprise, from viable to sustainable. Contact us today for an initial discussion or read through our articles to learn more about what we do.


Shifting from Speedy Start-up to Sustainable Growth

When you first start out with your killer idea, the biggest priority is speed to market; get your product/service out there attracting positive attention as quickly as possible. But once you've developed a solid offering, your focus shifts to expanding the business. Making the shift from energetic start-up to well-oiled machine without losing your innovative spirit and passion can be a challenge. Here are a few things to keep in

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The Stages of Business Evolution

1. INNOVATION You’ve proven your new concept is valid and has great potential. You’ve been growing quickly. Your dedicated team works incredibly hard for each success. 2. SYSTEMIZATION Everyone is working hard, but now it’s time everyone started working smarter, more efficiently, so haphazard streams of income become steady and predictable. 3. STABILIZATION Efficiency has improved. Income has become predictable. Now you can effectively plan for opportunities for expansion and

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  • “Andreea’s organizational skillsets literally transformed how we manage our marketing strategy and ongoing campaigns. Leveraging her strong market and business acumen, She enabled us to accurately measure and execute efforts that delivered real ROI rather than merely assuming that a particular campaign performed as anticipated. Any company should feel fortunate to leverage Andreea’s systematic skills as well as her incredible drive to execute in a logical and thoughtful manner.”

    Mark Brazeau, Sky Sync, Portal Architects, Inc.



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